High performance wet trimmer 




  • Maximum motor performance with 1,650 W at 230 V (resp. 1,500 W at 120 V) trimming, also under the most difficult conditions
  • Easy, fast cleaning due to the tool free removable front door (quick-release fasteners)
  • High safety due to the electronic quick stop system and durable due to the overheating display via LED
  • 100% corrosion free, robust and durable housing.
  • Fully adjustable trimmer table with angle lines (adjustable for every model situation).
  • Individually adjustable water inlet and automatic water stop function (magnet valve)



mt3-pro     mt3-pro-2



Enhanced safety:

As soon as the MT3 pro is switched off, the trimmer disc is actively slowed down. This unit therefore provides a greater degree of working safety. Moreover, the overheating display not only gives the unit a longer service life but also a higher degree of safety during work.


Touch keys:

The MT3 pro can be easily and safely switched on by pressing the hermetically sealed touch keys on the top of the housing. 


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