Technical details

  • Above average strong motor with 1,300 W (1325 W/120 V) for max. material removal without pressure
  • Easy, fast cleaning due to the tool free removable front door (quick-release fasteners)
  • 100% corrosion free, robust and durable housing
  • Compact shape allows easy integration into every working environment
  • Quick trimmer table angle changeover due to the practical tilting mechanism (90°/98°)
  • Large grinding surface and ergonomic construction design guarantee a high degree of working comfort and a clear view
  • Cut angle lines: easy plaster model guidance without adherence
  • Safety: motor and water stop due to safety switch when opening and closing the front door 






The most comfortable and quick cleaning:

  • The robust front can be completely removed without the use of tools, in just a few steps due to quick-release fasteners. Even the spray tube and the trimmer table can also be easily removed and then simply placed into plaster solvent e.g. GO-2011, and cleaned. Maintaining these units is child‘s play and means long-lasting value preservation.




Adjustable trimmer table:

  • The MT3 trimmer table can be easily and efficiently tilted between two angles: 90° and 98°.


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