mtplusThe MT plus is a compact yet very high performing model trimmer that can be employed for either wet or dry trimming. The motor is capable of outputting 1.300 W (at 230 V) or 2.0 hp (at 120 V). This power means even the hardest plaster is removed with ease.

Partially diamond-coated Marathon or fully diamond-coated Infinity discs are available separately.










Wet or dry trimmer:

Only a few adjustments convert the trimmer from wet to dry operation. The interior is designed to provide optimum flow currents in both the wet and dry operating modes. 





Wet trimming:

  • connect the water inlet and
  • Water outlet.
  • insert the spray pipe.


Dry trimming:

  • connect the extractor (Renfert Vortex compact 3L with cloth filter).
  • remove the spray pipe.



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