vortexThis new extraction unit in Renfert's product range replaces the former model Vortex compact 2 L and offers even higher health safety, flexibility and economy.












Greater Efficiency


  • Multiple application possibilities = one extraction unit for everything, even wet suction.
  • can be used on more than one consumer at the same time
  • re-usable cloth filters
  • almost maintenance free
  • automatic switch-on + rpm regulator = energy saving
  • Free-Filter-System
  • 3 year guarantee
  • low dust bag consumption = cost effective





An Innovation:

The new wet suction function means it can be used at a water cooling laboratory turbine to extract the trimmed ceramic / zirconium oxide plus water mixture. The infinitely variable suction control means the suction power can be perfectly adapted to suit each individual process, which also applies for the choice between continuous operations or the comfortable automatic switch-on function. The motor soft start helps keep switch-on current low and enables a problem-free start-up when connected to powerful external consumers.  



Free-Filter-System – Filter cleaning at the touch of a button:

An all too familiar scenario: When used for extracting fine dust particles, the pores in the fine filter and dust bag or cloth filter become blocked quickly. This leads to the following complications:


  • The suction performance reduces drastically, even though the dust bag is not entirely full.
  • The fine filter wears out more quickly. 
  • The max. filling volume of the dust bag cannot be used to its full potential.


vortex3     vortex2



The Vortex compact 3 L eliminates this problem at the touch of a button with its clever filter cleaning system. Simply hold the end of the tube closed in one hand and with the other hand activate the Free-Filter-System button. This clever technology uses the air to tap the inner walls of the fine filter and of the dust bag. The technician no longer needs to open the extraction unit and this prevents him from being exposed to and possibly inhaling the fine dust particles.  



The advantages:


• Longer service life for the fine filter

• An increase of filling volume in the dust bag of up to 25% 

• Consistently high suction performance with regular use



Power Pack:

Up to 3600 W total connected voltage (at 230 V) and 1800 W (at 120 V) and 3700 l/min resp. 3200 l/min. extraction efficiency altogether in this compact size and only 10 kg net weight. Two units can be easily connected and used at the same time. Thanks to the optimized design Vortex compact 3L is space-saving and can be comfortably installed in the basin base cabinet (90° angle optional).


Greater safety:

The average amount of dust a dental technician is exposed to per year is an unbelievably high 12 kg of health endangering material. Ceramic, acrylic, plaster, nickel, quartz and other dangerous materials can cause not only allergies and toxication, but also the dreaded lung disease silicosis. The Vortex compact 3 L has a two stage filtering system and an effective fine filter to achieve the successful extraction of 99.9% of dust.







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