Silent-TS2Powerful 2-workstation extraction, quiet and compact The Silent TS2 reliably frees two users (workplaces/units) individually from health-related dust. The intelligent control automatically increases or reduces the suction power as required. The high degree of cost-effectiveness is achieved not only because the Silent TS2 can save the purchase of a second unit but because of the increased service life of the motor and its easy exchange within only two minutes in the lab. The simple, precise calibration of the automatic switch-on and filter-level detection as well as the compact dimensions and timeless design make the Silent TS2 suitable for virtually all uses in the lab.









  Advantages at a glance

  • Rationalization due to saving in space and investment costs: functionality and performance for 2 – space requirement for only 1 thanks to the compact, slim line design
  • Suction power only where and when it is needed, thanks to the intelligent independent control of the 2 separate pinch valves for two users
  •  Automatic re-adjustment ensures constant suction power: if a second user is switched on or off, the motor output is automatically increased or decreased
  •  All parameters can be intuitively and conveniently set and read using the large, highly luminous multi-functional display (LCD)
  • Innovative motor technology achieves a service life that is up to 3 times longer than conventional collector motors – a significant reduction in operating costs*
  • A modular construction enables a tool-free motor exchange in only 2 min. This means: no downtimes! Unprecedented with regard to service and maintenance
  • A volume flow of 3,300 L/min. for high suction power and effective health protection
  • 3-level suction setting guarantees precise adjustment to different materials
  • Pleasant working: thanks to targeted, noise-reducing measures the operating noise is only 51 – 59 dB (A)
  • Possibility of easy, precise calibration of the automatic switch-on of the two suction channels individually - even critical micro motors are clearly detected
  • The finely adjustable filter level detection enables optimal adaptation to different extraction materials, thus extending the service life of the dust bag
  • Effective health protection by the two-stage filter system (Class “M” filter material according to DIN EN 60335-2-69/A1 with 99.9% separation efficiency)
  • Optional external exhaust air duct provides targeted discharge of exhaust air, ensuring an improved air quality and less heat and sound build-up at the workplace





Intelligent separate control of two users:

The Silent TS2 switches on at the pre-set suction level and opens the respective valve as soon as one of the two possible users, e.g. a hand piece, is activated. If a second user is started, the second valve opens and the motor output is automatically regulated to a higher level, so that the suction power set previously is the same at both suction channels. If one of the two users is switched off, the valve of this suction channel closes and the motor output is automatically reduced to the set suction power.




Even more reasonably priced due to the exceptional service life of the motor:

We have been successful in increasing the standard service life of collector motors by several times due to the development of a new motor technology and an additional control. In simulated lab situations and with different suction cycles a service life extension of up to 300% was measured in comparison with other models! The tests even show service lives of up to 2,400 operating hours in extreme cases.




No downtimes:

Even the service life of the best motor comes to an end sometime. Generally this means: sending the machine for repair or getting a service technician to come to the lab. Both cases involve downtimes and mostly high costs. Not with the Silent TS2. As with the forerunner model, a motor can be exchanged by the user independently. And this can be completed within only 2 minutes and without using any tools whatsoever - so expensive repair costs and annoying downtimes belong to the past. Anyone who wants to be absolutely sure, can order a replacement motor with the Silent TS2 and does not have to take delivery times into account. This is possible because of the unbeatably low price for a replacement motor – this amounts to xx% less than the purchase price of the Silent TS2! Another safety advantage: the diagnosis mode performs a quick system check directly after the unit is switched on.




Easy adjustment to each user:

Due to the high suction power of 3,300 L/min. (volume flow) the new Silent TS2 also enables problem-free connection of two users and effective health protection. At the same time both the automatic switch-on and the filter level detection can also be easily and very accurately adapted to the individual situations. Its special performance features allow the Silent TS2 to integrate perfectly into the process chain in the lab or practice. The calibration of the automatic switch-on can be adjusted very precisely, enabling the Silent TS2 to be controlled via any commercially available hand piece. The operator can define the micro motor speed at which the Silent TS2 should switch on. With very low speeds when no suction is required, it does not switch on!




Precisely adjustable:

The filter level detection can be calibrated to ensure that the dust bag is always filled fully and thereby adapted to the different materials being sucked up. With this the extractor only signals when the dust bag actually has to be changed. This means: fewer dust bags are used and consequently lower operating costs. An individually adjustable run-on time for both suction channels allows application-oriented closing of the pinch valve and provides a high degree of operating comfort. An example from the lab routine: two technicians are working with a hand piece and do not want to have to readjust the suction power after every brief interruption – they should simply increase the time setting slightly. Solved.




Relaxed working thanks to effective noise protection:

The ingenious airflow, special insulating concepts and materials optimize the Silent family of extractors in two ways for noise protection. On the one hand the operating noise is low and on the other hand, in collaboration with psychoacousticians, the unpleasant frequencies for humans have been insulated. Effective health protection because of less stress at work.




Intuitive operation:

All parameters can be easily and intuitively read and set on the large highly illuminated multi-functional display. 


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