This extractor unit combines power, flexibility and profitability in a single device. Thanks to its enormous and adjustable suction performance it is possible to connect it to two working places or units at the same time. The precisely adjustable filter change-recognition and the automatic switch-on function, its compact dimensions and the timeless design enable the Silent TS to fit to nearly each system. It comes along with a collector motor whose service life is up to three times longer than average thanks to an innovative control. At the end it can be exchanged in only two minutes.


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Advantages at a glance


  • New motor technology achieves up to 3 times longer service life in comparison to conventional collector motors; for noticeable lower working costs.*
  • Modular construction for tool-free motor change in 2 min. means: no down-time
  • Easy, exact calibration makes the extraction unit system-independent, since it is individually adjustable to every consumer and also suitable for use with critical micro-motors.
  • Multifunctional: thanks to its higher volume flow it is possible to connect  two units/working places for effective dust protection (clean working environment)
  • Comfortable operation of all functions such as fine adjustment of automatic switch-on and  filter-change-recognition adjustment, and individual adjustment of suction performance in a matter of seconds
  • Optimal adaptation to every laboratory and practice situation thanks to compact, slim design
  • Optional external air-outlet featuring directed flow of air for better air quality and less heat and noise development at the working place.



Silent TS 2Even better value due to the higher than average service-life: Due to new motoring technology and additional control, it has been possible to increase the standard service-life of collector motors considerably. In a simulated laboratory environment and using different extraction cycles, a life expectancy increase of up to 200-300 % higher than the previous model was observed! In one extreme case, the tests even showed an operating life of up to 2,400 working hours.






No down-times: Even the finest of motors end their service life at some time. Then it basically means: The unit must be either sent in for maintenance or the service technician will come to you. In both cases there are down-times to endure and often high costs involved. Not the case with the Silent TS. As with the previous model, it is possible for the operator to change the motor personally. And that, in only 2 minutes and completely without tools. Unlike most other extraction units, it is not necessary to send the Silent TS in for servicing, therefore expensive repair costs and annoying downtimes are a thing of the past. Those who really want to play it safe can order a replacement motor immediately and then not even have to wait for delivery. Most certainly an attractive option, due to the unbeatably low cost of a replacement motor – less than 10% of the purchasing price of the Silent TS!

Adaptable to each consumer: Due to its high suction performance of 3,300 l/min (volume flow rate), it is possible to connect the new Silent TS to two working places or units at the same time and provide effective protection of laboratory air. In addition to this, the filter change-recognition and the automatic switch-on function can be easily and accurately adapted to suit each individual situation. These special performance features, enable the Silent TS to fit in perfectly with laboratory and practice processing chains. The filter-change-recognition can be individually calibrated in order to reach the maximum fill level of the dust bag, and adapted to the different suction tube diameters. This means the suction unit will give notification when it is actually necessary to change the filter and not when the pre-set factory setting suggests. That means: Better use of the fill volume, less dust bag wastage and therefore lower working expenses.

Exact calibration: The calibration of the switch-on threshold is adjustable to an exact degree, which allows the Silent TS to be activated by every conventional hand piece. The operator determines at which point the Silent TS should come into action by adjusting the micro-motor’s RPM. For example, when the hand piece is used at a very low RPM, where no extraction is required, the unit will not switch-on!


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