Compact, high-performance cleaning device for prosthetic dentures, orthodontic appliances and splints


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At last, a fast and above all hygienic denture cleaning process...


  • ...value generation for laboratory & practice!
  • ...SYMPRO, the clever idea for practice, laboratory and patient!




The unit is:


  • fully automatic
  • quiet
  • highly effective
  • economical


In future, let SYMPRO carry out the professional cleaning of removable dental restorations and orthodontic appliances. This fully automatic and highly efficient cleaning process doesn’t take up any of your valuable resources for this unprofitable and unpleasant task.

Conventional cleaning methods are time consuming and costly. These and other disadvantages were taken aboard by our development department and eliminated with this innovative system.




The result:

  • SYMPRO will remove difficult deposits such asplaque and tartar, and stains such as coffee, tea and red wine in approx. 15mins.
  • The SYMPRO takes on the important task of denture cleaning at your service and subsequently contributes to the value of your practice and laboratory.



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