Ideal for use where blasting chambers already exist. The Basic Mobil sandblasting unit provides the absolute basic requirements for blasting technology. Its mobility is only dependent on connection to compressed air. No power supply is required. The various versions of blasting modules allow you to use from 25 to 250 μm abrasives.

The compact basic technology is taken from the tried and tested Renfert sandblasting units.

basic-mobil     basic-mobil-2

Technical details

  • Patented mixing chamber for an even flow of blasting material from 1 to 6 bar (14.5 – 87 psi).  
  • Pressure information via manometer.  
  • Integrated water separator.  
  • Manual, pneumatic shut-off valve for switching ON and OFF or control via pneumatic foot switch.
  • Wear and tear resistant, long-lasting IT blasting hoses and nozzles.  
  • Can be connected to Vario jet.  
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