Unhindered lifting of the dies

The tapered arch makes lifting from the base child‘s play. Undercuts and rough surfaces from hand piece cutters and sandpaper cylinders are now a thing of the past. Smooth surfaces additionally aid easy lifting. The risk of breakage is reduced to almost zero.




Clean and safe work


  • Work space and laboratory remain permanently clean during preparation of dental arches, thanks to connection points for external extractor.
  • The model is guided with both hands, bringing greater safety to the process.

millo pro2

Ideal in each situation


  • Adjustable cutter height (Millo pro) for easy trimming of arches with difficult tooth position. 17,5 mm possible height adjustment, therefore it can be used with all popular model systems.
  • Fine and coarse cutters available for reducing the material as required.

Cumbersome use of the hand piece trimming dental arches:


In many laboratories the dental arch is prepared by firstly grinding the vestibular surface of the model with a trimmer and then grinding the lingual and or palatal area using a hand piece and coarse plaster bur. This leads to the following disadvantages:

High dust exposure:

Not only does this cloud of dust make working procedures more difficult, but the laboratory also becomes necessarily dirty.

Time consuming:

This process is long and slow due to the fact that the hand piece is only able to remove a relatively low amount of plaster and then the results are not of a high quality.


The main advantage, flexibility, is in this situation a disadvantage. Results cannot be identically reproduced and the intended conical shape of the dies (more favorable to lift) is seldom achieved to a standard which would otherwise be possible. The surface structure is uneven.

Risk of breakage:

The low performance means the technician is required to use greater pressure, it is therefore not possible to maintain an even plaster thickness throughout the dental arch. In addition to this the dental arch must be held tightly in the hand throughout the procedure, this tension is dangerous for the object.

High maintenance expenses for the hand piece:

Hand pieces are generally used for a great number of applications; their wear and tear however is a great disadvantage when it comes to maintenance fees. Trimming a dental arch is an unsuitable procedure and high maintenance for a hand piece.


The elegant solution:

The dental arch trimmer Millo pro not only avoids such disadvantages, but it in fact offers a number of advantages.

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