cross-cutweb Cross-Cut, Cylindric bur

The introduction of the new cylindrical, cross-cut bur was due to a number of  requests by customers who wanted to use the dental arch trimmers Millo pro and Millo for model systems with pinned dental arches (e.g. Zeiser, Giroform, etc.) or with pin-free dental arches (e.g. model-tray, Accu Trac, etc.).

An additional advantage of the Millo pro / Millo is that the extraction grid on the working table is positioned towards the back - therefore the pins will not get stuck. For all other model systems where the pins are connected to the dental arch in the second step and then based, we recommend continuing to use our conical bur (slanted or cross-cut). The evenly cut slanted edge guarantees easy removal of the dies.

cutter 6-bladed Cutter, 6-bladed, tapered cross-cut

cutter tapperedCutter, tapered, cross-cut, fine

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